Friday, March 31, 2006

After The Rain

Walking in the morning after last night's storms, I decided this was a walk to enjoy what I saw. The grass is greener over night. I noticed two volunteer crocuses by the driveway - they are bigger than the ones by the front door. The birds were really singing away. I could hear Robins, Cardinals, Finches, a variety of Sparrows, a Baltimore Oriole, and oh so many more. The Juncos should be just about be ready to return North. They do so during Easter week no matter when Easter falls - that must be one of God's mysteries - how do they know it is Easter week?

Down by the canal bicycle path I came across a pair of Geese resting on the path. I don't think they took too kindly to me interrupting their break, but off they went down the embankment and glided silently in the water to the West. On my way back I could hear much honking and carrying on - maybe a rivalry for the lady.

I decided to walk around my back yard before finishing up. I saw a pair of Downy Woodpeckers pecking into an old pink dogwood tree that someday will have to be replaced. We salvaged the tree 18 years ago from a wind storm - although it flowers, it seems to be dwindling away.


Annie said...

O the birds! And don't they just twitter everywhere in early spring? While on my retreat this weekend, a couple of geese flew so close over my head that they made me duck.

see-through faith said...

Ilove seeing this world through your eyes :)