Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday in the (Dog) Park

We went to the big dog park for our walk today. If #2 Son had not been along, I would never have achieved my mile, as Miss Molly was all for the socializing today. But walk the mile I did, including hills, and I have the (stiff) leg muscles to show for it! It was beautiful here today, in the 50's Farenheit, sunny--but very, very muddy. Ah, spring! In Maine, it is Mud Season.

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Lorna said...

Do you walk to the dog park or in it. Here in Finland the dogpark is an enclosed place where the dogs can be free. To walk a mile in it - I'd have to walk round it several times. So I'm thinking that a dog park in Maine must be quite different to here. Is it simply a park where leashed dogs are allowed?

Glad you got walking anyway and lovely that #2 son was with you for you and Molly. I take it that Sam is better and likes walking?