Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today I went to the high school track to walk - for the simple reason I wanted to walk around the track and count the number of steps I took in 1/4 mile to calculate my stride - I know now it is hard to count that many. Well, once I went that far, I said to myself - let me double check to make sure I didn't screw up the count so I went around again - well, with 1/2 mile out of the way, I went ahead and finished off the mile. I was the only one walking this afternoon in 80 plus degree heat. When it gets this warm (notice I did not say hot, because that is not HOT here), one is smart to slow down a bit because it does take a little more energy, however, probably not as much energy as would be to stay warm when it is below freezing.
The dogwoods are getting ready to put on a show so I will give it a few more days before taking pictures as they show off. Also the cars will be covered in pollen.

I did not walk Thursday as noted in the posting before and I did not walk yesterday - I should know better than to sit down when I get home before going out to walk - SLUG that I am. I fell asleep and I was good for nothing after that.

Sooooo...after shawl ministry and Daughters of the King, before I stepped foot in the house, I thought it best to get my walk in. I am glad I did!
I feel the same way you all do - this group holds me accountable for this discipline that I should not restrict solely (soul-ly :) ) to Lent. Of course, there is the Great 50 days.....


Annie said...

Boring walking is still walking! lol

see-through faith said...

true Annie.

but I don't think I could do a mile on a running track :(

I need to see interesting things to keep going! Otherwise my prayer would be 'Lord make this end soon'

so double blessings to Cathy for managing this. At least in my book!