Thursday, March 30, 2006

We finished class at 3pm today and then I took a nap!!!

At 5ish we walked to the city here in Tallinn. Bought our tickets for the ferry home for next Friday and then went to check out the cinema times and prices. My friend and I will go to see the Pink Panther tomorrow afternoon. We only have class until 1pm and nothing on Saturday this session, for which I'm really grateful.

We then walked onto the supermarket -stocked up on bread and cheese and yogurt - and then the longer, noisier but less muddy route back to the seminary.

We probably walked 2km in total -or a little more- but we talked as we walked and enjoyed each other's company and that was such a blessing.

It's stopped raining but it's very grey and damp here now. Roll on spring. I'm longing for the warmth and the colours to return.

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