Thursday, March 09, 2006

Time squeeze!

Today was one of those busy days. As it turned out, I managed to get in my walk, but sqeezed myself out of time to eat before time to head to the church for bell choir. I just did the quick mile near my house this evening. It was just dusk as I walked down the hill, facing west. The sky was layered from the horizon with a dark salmon glow, a layer of swirling, almost glossy gray clouds, a layer of soft blue hue, and then more gray clouds--promising rain. I didn't take my eyes off the sky until I reached the bottom and turned toward the south.

It is amazing how quickly the walk passes now. I was halfway through my walk before I even thought about distance and time.

If the temperatures this summer soar as much above normal as they are now, we are in for a blistering hot one.

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