Wednesday, March 15, 2006

looser trousers

Losing weight wasn't an objective for lent, but it's happened anyway (grin) I haven't jumped on the scales but my favourite trousers feel more comfortable. And it's GREAT! I also noticed that I'm walking a bit faster too.

Today I walked to MILs (15 mins) left the dog with her and walked on to the old market square. (another 5-8 mins) Had lunch (soup and a sandwich for 5€) with a friend and then walked back to collect the dog, and back home via a different route as I ordered some flowers for a funeral. Total walking time 45-50 mins.

This morningit was sunny again with a pale blue sky, but now it's a little overcast again. The temperature is only -1C. Spring is definitely in the air - and some of the snow is disappearing. It sort of melts from underneath. Most peculiar really.

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Joanne said...

Isn't it amazing when we receive a benefit we hadn't thought of - being the more comfy fit of trousers. That is a great feeling. Your description of the snow melting from beneath so tells the coming of Spring