Friday, March 31, 2006

Nice walks!

I've managed to vary my routes more this week and I think that helps.

Tuesday we dropped my son off for his spring band concert and we squeezed in a perfect mile around the park before going in to find seats. I prefer the walks that I take with my husband. It is a good time to talk about what's been happening. But that is the same walk that I've taken about half the time since we began this venture.

Wednesday, I parked at the YMCA downtown and took a walk with Dickens, my seven pound buddy. He managed a block, which is good for him, and then I had to carry him. We walked past the historic homes, circled Marland's Grand Home and returned to the truck. It came in at just a mile.

Yesterday, I parked at the #1 Firestation, also downtown, and took off toward the north past two parks, around and back. That's a good walk for catching up. It came in at exactly two miles.

Talk about flowers! It seems that spring is in high gear here. Once I caught a whiff of hyacinths and stopped to look for them. I found them half a block behind me where they were nestled in a corner on the north side of a house. Pear trees and redbuds are in bloom. And tulips! We're having an early spring. Usually only the daffodils are blooming at Easter.

I noticed that I do not get out of breath--even after two miles and a brisk walk uphill for four blocks and finishing it all by climbing the flight of stairs up to the firefighters quarters. My son goes up to lift weights in their weight room every third day, so that was the finish to my walk. But my legs! That is an entirely different story.


Joanne said...

So Lucky! Spring is not early here in Northern Illinois, but hopefully see some and smell some by Easter week. Crocuses are up and blooming.

Annie said...

If the crocuses are up, it won't be very long before the sweet scent of spring meets you at every corner!

Lorna said...

loved reading this. it was raining here today but I still walked. It was good to get some air. My legs have been aching though - not sure why - perhaps the stairs here in the seminary?