Saturday, March 11, 2006


Friday is my busiest day. I teach at jr high school. That doesn't mean I can't walk though, but yesterday I only managed a 10 min brisk walk from the cinema to a cafe, and then another 5 min walk from the cafe to the school where hubby picked me up. I had planned to walk to the cinema, but it was far too cold.

Today doesn't look much more promising. It was -21C when I dropped hubby off at his pick up point this morning. MINUS 21 C brrrr.

But the sun is shining. and the sky is blue. For this I am so thankful!


Songbird said...

I surely did not walk a mile on Friday. I may have *combed* a mile of hair, however! Today I will be back in the saddle, or the walking shoes, anyway.
-21 C is very, very cold!!

Emily said...