Friday, March 03, 2006

A chilly walk

Although my daughter was home from school with a tummy ache, by lunch time it seemed clear she was really having more of a "personal day," so I headed out to the dog park with

Songbird's Merry May Gamgee croppedMolly
Rosier's Loyal Samwise GamgeeSam.

There are several hills at the park, and I made a point of going up the steep ones at least once each. I must admit to being a little short of breath, but I think that is partly a function of having a reactive airway and walking in the wind. I ran into a dog park friend who keeps a slightly better pace than I might, so that urged me along.

It felt good to be outside and walking!!


Cathy said...

SNOW?? BRRRRR!!! I would be walking INSIDE if it were that cold. Weather weenie I am.

Love the dogs - I am a dog person too!

Annie said...

Oh, what a sweetie! Look at that snow! Somebody has snow??? We have powder dirt.

Songbird said...

We don't have that much anymore, I took the pictures a couple of weeks ago. But it makes a nice backdrop for those dogs, doesn't it?