Monday, March 06, 2006

Yesterday was my day of rest, but for those of you that posted your walk, made me think that my "little Easter" should have gotten me off my duff and walking as celebration for the glorious day it was. I did drive a couple of routes I walked to get a more accurate mileage since my goal IS a mile a day or more (but heaven forbid I go over 2 at this time!).

I have no excuse except I made it my day of rest since the 40 days during Lent do not include Sundays.....however.... it does include Holy Week - YIKES!!!!!!! that will be a busy time.

One of those weeks, at least will be beach time so I should enjoy walks around the fresh Gulf air. I will be with friends that are like sisters to me, so that is a double bonus (first week of April, here I go!)

Will post later in the day to give my walk update. This blog is holding me very accountable!


Annie said...

Now you tell us that we could take Sunday off! *LOL* Oh, well. I had a very nice walk, anyway.

Emily said...

I'm glad you took a Sabbath--I know myself well enough to know that I would talk myself out of it today and tomorrow as well.