Friday, March 03, 2006

Sights along the walk

I thought to offer my little piece of the world to you, I would share with you pictures of things that I saw on my walk. The image to your right is a groomed wisteria which has not bloomed or started to show is beautiful lavender flowers that look like grapes. By the end of Lent, it should be in all its glory. The only thing I won't be able to show you is the smell.

Next is a camellia bush by the name of Reverend John Drayton from our yard. It was a Valentine's gift to ourselves - we got it instead of the Pink Perfection we thought we were getting. It is really showing off right now, though still small in size, it is fully blooming. Camellias can be huge bushes and can grow to 12-14 feet and bloom anywhere from November to March or so. This is a late blooming camellia as it starts blooming around late February. Many are blooming during the Christmas season unless we have a freeze that burns them. We have had so little cold weather that we are about 3 weeks ahead in terms of spring, though the dogwoods are holding out a little longer.

Annie, Mom's little Yorkie, walked with me along the way. She had to stop every few inches to make her mark and then she started chasing squirrelsI walked 1.3 miles today. Didn't listen to my book on CD, but to the sounds of nature and traffic. The camera gave me a chance to stop and take pictures of the signs of Spring that are way too early for these parts as well as those plants that are still barren.


Songbird said...

What a cutie pie!
(I have a soft spot for the dogs, not surprisingly.)

Annie said...

I hope that you will post a photo of the wisteria when it is in bloom. :) I have a wisteria arbor, but the photos of it fail to relate the beauty of it, because of its height, I suppose.