Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Walks


Still chilly, must be doing me some good as I'm moving faster than a week and half ago. Took a later afternoon walk after a day of planning home improvement projects and a little (remember that word) Spring cleaning.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds, but could see the sunlight shining through in some places. At my half way point - no ducks or geese around the canal, but saw a few robins and heard many, many blackbirds. Walking past the field, I saw that the cows were all settled in by the barn with some hay.

The week's weather forecast is for warmer and some rain - the rain is much needed. We are down by 10 inches for the year. And after a winter of not much snow, the rain will be welcome. So it might be the treadmill again for part of next week

Sunday Morning:

Much better walking weather - warmer and not much wind. The birds are starting their spring songs - yes, I need those new bird houses this week.

This is really great to walk and write about my short daily journey. Benefits - gets me outside even before I start gardening, causes me to really see and hear what I encounter, good memory exercise in writing, and just allows me to be me with God. There is not one step of my walks that He has not guided in sight, sounds, and thoughts. His Guidance gets me back on track when I start worrying about work - I smile to myself and think "Thank you, God for being here with me to share what You have created".

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