Monday, March 06, 2006

My Pedometer

Today I walked a different path, some parts remain the same since I leave from the house and start walking. The area we live in is not hilly, but it is not flat as a pancake either, so there are a few times where the heart rate goes up a bit.

I bought a pedometer at Walmart - I do like gadgets, and this one I have yet to really "tweak" to get it "honest" so I know my "miles walked" are not exact. I, like y'all, walk about a 20 minute mile (why rush? - well I am pushing it now since I am not in great shape). Anyway, the pedometer keeps me wanting to see it go over the 1.0 mile mark. It takes into account your stride, which I have a short one.

Anyway I walked about a little over a mile in 80 degree weather. Yes, you folks that are in cold weather, it's pretty warm here right now. And I have never walked in snow before. Oh yes, with this warm weather, I notice some of the bugs are out, which is the grim reminder that mosquitos and other varmints of the insect variety will soon come out and be pesty. :(

As to taking off Sundays, those are little "Easters" and really are not included in the 40 days of Lent. However, I probably will walk some Sundays, knowing full well when Holy Week comes, I might be pushing it to make it every day towards the end of the week.

Y'all go to the Frappr link and mark where you all are walking! And keep up the good pace - y'all are keeping me very accountable - and I need that!

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Emily said...

It's warm here, too, another good reason to walk with husband again this evening with a light breeze and stars.