Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday's walk

Pictured here is a mighty oak in the yard behind me.

Interesting that I looked forward to today's walk - I am not one to look FORWARD to exercise, but the weather was glorious - with the high in the upper 60s and the humidity low - it just doesn't get much better. And to think in the summer time we can go months without seeing the temperature in the 60s in the evening. I took a different route and went a street over to go down a less busy street (though none of the streets in the neighborhood are really busy). The walk was pleasant and except for the one runner who crossed paths with me, only a few cars/trucks passed by. An occasional dog barked at me, but mostly I saw squirrels. I believe I did see a Lady Banksia rose blooming and the spirea are in bloom, which again is ahead of schedule. I completed the 1st CD of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and I will try to complete this CD, but I just don't think I am an auditory listener of books. I am trying though.
Post Script: I forgot to mention - the pedometer noted 1.64 miles - but I will have to check it out with the car's odometer.
Tomorrow is a Sunday OF Lent, not in Lent - so are we celebrating a little Easter?

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