Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday Morn and Tuesday Morn

Monday: Just as I started walking, the sun was rising, creating a golden glow over the eastern horizon. That was followed by gray clouds moving in and blustery winds. No rain yet, but a shorter walk. The birds seemed to know rain was on the way as I only saw a few blackbirds and 1 pair of robins. I'm glad I was early enough to see the morning glow, as the rest of the day was cloudy, cold, and rainy. Very thankful for the rain.

Tuesday: A better day for walking, watching, and hearing. There were so many birds twittering that I had a hard time distinguishing who was singing what. The cardinals and robins are definitely thinking spring, nests, and babies. This walk was a walk of asking the Lord to help me plan a great number of projects in a one month period. Why is it everyone is at crisis schedule? As I walk, I think what my priorities should be and decide the first step should be to make a few phone calls for the specifics of what is needed, then go from there. With that accomplished, I find that I am looking a friend's new mail box with a cardinal cover and find that the ice plants at the base wintered over and should shortly bring pink flowers for me to see. Now it is time to start back and do some work, have some fun, and thank God for what He has given me.

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