Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuesday - Uh and Now Wednesday

Tuesday was cold and blustery. Besides being up til the wee hours preparing an analysis of my agency's budget, too windy for an AM stroll and did not get home until after dark. So it was to the treadmill with the bitty kit-cat (Blue) at me heels. I lasted all of 10 minutes - vowed to take off work early on Wednesday to do a good couple miles.

Wednesday - home early enough to do about 2 miles. Mind is wandering through many topics of interest. First half of walk thought through an accounting process problem. Second half of walk - met one of the townsfolk whose mail box had not survived St Paddy's Day. He was setting up a new box. We talked a bit about the town history, said our byes, and I was off to finish my walk with dusk setting in. Crocuses are up, but am not sure if they survived the cold winds. Will look tomorrow before I start out.

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