Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday - but about Monday

Yesterday I walked over a mile - my first walk since the toe incident. Nice day and I took pictures. However, I am working towards moving my files from one computer to the new laptop and I don't have my graphics program here to tweak and resize my files yet. (I probably have something on here that will do it, but I am quirky enough to only want to do it on a certain program.)

We are at peak spring bloom so I did take pictures - folks around here are having quite the time with the pollen and what it does to them. I am fortunate to not have that.

I got home from work today late - and realized that many of my days will be like this after school until the end of the school year - writing IEPs in special education will be part of the routine for quite some time. :(

I have a meeting in a few minutes so not sure if I will get a walk in this evening or not. The best of intentions....

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see-through faith said...

Glad you are walking again :)

flowers in bloom. my oh my.

be blessed :)