Friday, March 03, 2006

Beginning late:

*Annie here*
Thank you, Cathy, for this idea and for sharing it. And, to you, too Emily, for having mentioned it and aroused my interest.

I began a day late yesterday. My husband and I often do walk when the weather permits, but we don't normally make it a daily discipline. Yesterday we kept our walk to a strict mile, but a convenient one. As luck would have it, if we walk the nearly two blocks down to the corner, turn and walk downhill, approximately four blocks, one block south, then turn back--all uphill *argh*--one block north, then two blocks uphill. That's a sharp little upturn, too. It is right on, an exact mile. Sometimes when we have the time and the inclination, we branch off at the bottom and go down along the Arkansas river. Those are the best and most inspiring walks. I bore my readers to death telling about them and I am sure my stories are repititious, to say the least. But maybe I'll bore y'all with one later!

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