Wednesday, March 08, 2006

slipping and sliding

Today I walked from our church to the town centre. It's about 20 mins. Maybe 25. I'm no good at timing myself as I don't have a watch and it's too cold to take our the mobile.

I had an appt at the bank - was a bit early - so went to the reading room for a quarter of an hour and read the Sunday Times magazine. It was a real treat. I think I'll do that more often. The library reading room was packed. Lots of people reading newspapers and magazines and journals. It's ages since I was there last - and now they have nice comfy chairs and sofas as well as tables and chairs.

After that I walked to the market square to buy some flowers. I so wished I had my camera and might go down again soon. it's been pretty cold out so the potato-sellers have carpets over their potatoes to keep them from freezing, and the flower sellers are in tents with candles burning to keep the flowers warm. It all looks a little Eastern European but it's probably the only thing in this city that does.

Later on I walked back to near the cathedral for a meeting. And then back to our church where I'd left the car.

Not exactly power walking today - far too slippery for that - as we have fresh snow on the ice - but well I walked at least a mile and enjoyed it.

God is good :)


Songbird said...

I wish I could see the places you are walking; it sounds lovely, even the snow and the ice!

see-through faith said...

I will try to take a camera today. But it's still REALLY cold. Minus seventeen when I drove the kids to school. I have to go back to the shoe repairers as my boots still werent ready yesterday - so I'll try again.

Those of you who want to see the frozen lake - check here -
I took the photo on Feb 11th - and it looked just the same on Tuesday this week- without the bike.

Yes it's walking on water and I love it :)

be blessed