Thursday, March 09, 2006

Have Nano, Will Travel

Yesterday I managed to locate both my iPod Nano and the ear buds (why they were not in the sam place to begin with is a mystery for the ages), and so I had musical accompaniment to the first segment of my walk to pick up The Princess at school.

For your amusement, the shuffled songs were:

"Mean Eyed Cat"--Johnny Cash, Unchained
"His Yoke is Easy"--Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Handel's Messiah
"Oh No"--The Commodores, 20th Century Masters
"Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion"--Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Handel's Messiah
"Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)"--Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing

(I hope you find these selections as amusing as I did.)

On the way home, instead of Madeleine Peyroux, I got a detailed description of how many "fortune tellers" The Princess made at school yesterday.

"Do you want your fortune told?" she asked.

"Sure." I'm a good sport, after all. I listen to Fatboy Slim and Flogging Molly because the boys put them on my iTunes.

"Maybe not this one, though," she said, referring to the "fortune teller" she was holding. "It's all bad things that could happen to you, like today you'll trip over something, or hurt someone, or hit your head. Maybe we could try one of the other ones in my backpack when we get home. I have about twenty."

"Okay," I answered, wondering if any learning occured at school this day.

Then, I tripped.

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