Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Brisk First Walk


I'm Joanne and new to this. This is my first try at blogging, can not think of a better way to start than with a group that shares a similar pleasure. I live in Illinois just a half mile from a small town. In the morning, I walk with the sun rising in sight; in the evening, I can see the sunset and twilight.

I think this is a terrific plan of action for me to start the day. I have a purpose in mind for this Lenten Season - that I take time to enjoy and thank the Lord for the beauty and wonders that He has given to us. Sharing my walks with you will remind me to truly "take time to smell the roses" and perhaps still catch a snowflake or two. My walk today was quite brisk but not near as cold as in Finland. We have had strange weather - warm spring weather on Saturday, cooler and blustery weather Sunday, with thunderstorms, much needed rain in the evening, then in the "teens' and "twenties" today. They're even saying snow for Wednesday and Thursday. Really don't mind, would like to have a snow storm, followed by the smell of spring in the earth when the snow melts. Tomorrow I will take the bike path by an old canal.


Cathy said...

Welcome Joanne to our group of walkers! So glad you found us!

Lorna said...

welcome Joanne :)
Loved your week of four seasons.

Songbird said...

Hi, Joanne! Welcome to the group. Our weather is very weird, too!

see-through faith said...

and our weather just goes on and on. But there is a slight whiff of spring inthe air. I think.