Thursday, March 16, 2006

Toe Report

Believe it or not, my toe may look bad, but it actually hurts very little. It's a bit tender, and I actually put on my walking shoes to walk. But once I did, it was just tender enough that I didn't want to push it. So.... the shoes were a reminder to my feet not to forget them!

Yesterday the humidity was as low as I have ever heard about here - 10% - and we had a little bit of a cold front come through. That will last about a day.

I hope that by Friday I can be walking again. I am enjoying the posts and look forward to joining back on the walks.

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see-through faith said...

oh I hope you can walk again soon too. It did look awful but I'm glad the pain isn't too bad. Walking shoes? Pedometers? You americans are real organised. I just walk in my winter boots. Laughing. And since I'm not sure how long a mile is I aim for 30 mins a day - and enjoy it if it's longer.

Friday is the hardest day for me. I teach until 2pm (from 8am) and tom I will have heaps of paperwork and planning after. I also grocery shop on my way home (yuk) but the days are longer now (until after 6pm already!!!) so I hope I can walk when I get in. Maybe with the dog.