Saturday, March 11, 2006

So far, so good ...

If the goal is forty miles in forty days, I'm doing well. I'm only one mile behind. I missed Thursday. I'll have to do a double today to make up for it.

Yesterday I managed to get my walk in around the tennis courts, again. It was another last minute effort to get my walk in before it became too dark. It failed. Halfway around, I paused, and looked ahead and looked back. The park lights line most of the walk along the eastern side but the streetlights along the west are sparse and from where I stood, seemed fail to illuminate the walk ahead. My imagination is too keen. Nobody else was on the walk, making me feel eerily alone. I even considered sprinting through the middle of the park just to get back to the truck before darkness closed in on me. I opted to turn back and retrace my steps. Still, I'm pretty certain I managed the full mile by the time I'd finished.

I can be such a wimp!

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Lorna said...

being safe, isn't being a wimp.

I'm not keen on walking alone in the dark either. I'm ok with the dog, and we live in a very safe neighbourhood. But anyway.

I lived in London at one time and I remember someone following me home for the short distance from the tube station to our flat. I was too afraid to look back and just more or less speed walked home. It was only 8pm.

I'm glad to live here now, where it is safer and feels safer too. But I still don't take chances and neither should you or anyone else.

end of lecture (grin)