Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

40 days - 40 miles - it's a Lenten discipline several of us have decided to take on during Lent.
Won't you join us? It's not too late!


Annie said...

I'm joining in! Late, but I can make up just one mile. :)

I think this is a really fun idea. And, it'll be good for us, too.

Cathy said...

If you will email me (email address is on the side) I will invite you so you can post.

net said...

Sign me up! This is the physical part of my holistic Lenten devotions! Awesome!

My email is

see-through faith said...

I've really really enjoyed reading this.

I decided not to sign up for it officially. though now seeing your posts and the pics ... mmm

I've walked everyday except Saturday. I have no idea how to calculate these things but I guess 30 mins walk is about a mile.Yesterday about 4 miles. first to church. Then to the cathedral. today I went to the shoerepairers. guess what it was closed. so I'll go again later today. (poss by car. it's VERY cold here today -MINUS 12C)