Sunday, March 26, 2006

reporting in

I'm in Tallinn (Estonia) right now and hope to get walking again tomorrow

Since Tuesday I've only walked on Wednesday and yesterday (Saturday)

Wednesday in Helsinki - I met with a friend - we walked on the water in the centre of Helsinki - did sightseeing and it was great (and exhausting)We walked for about 1.5 hours.

Yesterday I went on a guided walk of the old town of Tallinn (photos to follow soon I hope) - we walked for 2 hours and it was FREEZING cold.We went for a cup of hot chocolate and I'm happy we did.

On Thursday I walked to and from the bus stop (10 mins max in total) and that was the only time outside as far as I can remember.

and Friday I don't think I walked at all (at least outside) But I did climb the stairs a few times (grin)

I also need to work on connecting with God. That's fallen to the wayside too. The conference was SO busy.

Be blessed

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Joanne said...

Climbing stairs should count as it is better for you than level walking - makes the heart and muscles work more.

For Tuesday's Exam, prayers are with you. I'm sure you will do fine.