Saturday, March 11, 2006

on the Aura

it was MUCH warmer this afternoon. The temperature raised from -21C to "only" -7C, so DD and I walked on the river Aura today. We walked for about an hour, but not very fast. And it was glorious!

There's an unofficial ski-path and we saw many ski-ers out enjoying the spring sunshine. So many people have walked there there's a real path too. Not that Mindy kept to it. She must have walked twice the distance we did.

It's been so good to be accountable for this walking, and today I really enjoyed it. The days are getting longer too. Hallelujah!

This is Mindy, the best evangelist in our family, with me.


Songbird said...

What a pretty girl Mindy is!

Cathy said...

I clicked on your picture and saw some beautiful pictures on flickr! What a beautiful place you live. Your dog is beautiful!

Lorna said...

Thanks. She belongs to my DD officially, but is really hubby's dog :) Today she's in a dog show, with DD showing her (first time). I'm the taxi driver and administrator as hubby isn't in town today. HELP! I think I'll do my walk today in that area. It's an industrial area :( so not ideal but we have an hour free between registration and her time of showing so might as well make he most of it.

Lovely sunny day again today and ONLY -12C (10F) at 8am. but with the windchill factor apparently -18C (0F) so brrrr again. But it will be lovely this afternoon I'm sure :)

I'm loving this group and the walking. Thank you all.