Saturday, March 18, 2006

sick on the sabbath

I've been sick today. Migraine (along with vomiting). I woke up at 5am- and 7am - slept until 9am - lay in bed with the covers over my head. MADE myself get up to make lunch for the family. Ate some. Went to bed from 1pm until after 4 and then woke up feeling GOOD. Hallelujah!

Hubby and I went out for a long walk around 5.30pm. We went down to the dog park (which I'm not keen on) but there were no other dogs to play with and so we walked on down to the river. Not the usual path I take, but we clambered down to the river itself. We've had a bit of a thaw and then it snowed again heavily today so I was uneasy to walk on the ice - but the dog did and loved it.

I saw a wonderful sight for sore eyes. Water gushing from a stone. It's a bit like in Narnia when it's no longer 'always winter but never Christmas' and the thaw starts :) We walked a longer route home too - me sort of trotting to keep up with hubby's long strides - and got home at about 6:45.

It was wonderful


see-through faith said...

I'm ok today. The weather is blustery snow showers. Yuk.

I'll get a lift to church in an hour and will walk back home.(20 mins) That might be it for today. This is not walking weather. Trust me. It's not.

Joanne said...

Glad you doing better. Just listening to our weather forecast-some snow may go south of us but may not. So my walking Tuesday and Wednesday may be the treadmill - boring.