Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh no, I broke my toe

Today I was walking in my classroom and remember hitting the edge of my toe on something (for you folks in colder climates - today was the first day I saw many folks in sandals without socks, moi included. It really didn't hurt until about 5 minutes after the fact so I really can't remember what I did - all I know is it started hurting so I could barely walk. As the day has progressed, so has the bruising. Whether it is broken or not is not certain, because what can be done if it is broken? All I know is that I didn't walk today. I'm disappointed, bummed, because things were going well with my walking. My prayer is that it is badly bruised and I can be on my way to walking soon.
By the way, the foundation garment came in today and I truly believe that it's going to provide the support I need to prevent chafing.
Keep on walking and let's hope this little toe's problem is short lived!


Songbird said...

Yikes, Cathy!! That is a real "Owie!!"
I hope it is not broken and that you will be able to walk again soon.

Annie said...

I hope nobody trumps this one! *LOL* What a disaster. I don't think they set broken baby toes.

I'm really sorry. I know it hurts because I broke mine when I was in 7th grade and I haven't ever forgotten that it was a good six weeks before it felt okay again.

Lorna said...


I'm so sorry it happened. (We are many months away from sandle weather ... though it's warmer today - but overcast!)

I fractured my little toe once. It was so painful. They can't do anything - it mends itself - and you will be able to walk again quite soon.

It must run in the family. TS broke his toe too - same thing - they did tape the two smallest toes together for him, but again it was "wait and it will mend"

I had a mental picture of you hopping your mile today. Maybe around the house.

Extend yourself some grace, and take a mental walk with God each day for a few days - walking the routes in your mind and spending time with Him. I think both you and He will like that :)

Be blessed

Joanne said...

Ouch!! Not sure about taping the toes together - depends on the Dr.

Take care!! You're already on the mend.