Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can I Sing a Mile?

I just got off work and will be leaving soon to go to my rehearsal - it's about an hour away. I just got through talking to my husband and I told him I was getting ready to walk. He said, listen, we are leaving soon, going out to eat, you are going to go to rehearsal, you can't do EVERYTHING. So, being the "obedient" wife I am (I don't think he reads my blogs, though he knows I write and have one - and I KNOW he would howl if he read that descriptive remark about being obedient.), I will not officially walk today - now I must reason this all in my head and "justify" how I can not walk.
  • I'm going to sing a mile tonight
  • I have walked over a mile every day so maybe I will walk 40 miles during Lent, but not a mile a day.
  • I guess I will walk on Sunday this week.
  • My husband told me not to walk - that I can't do EVERYTHING
  • It might rain.... tomorrow...

I am loving the pictures of where folks are walking and the snow pictures are great. I promise you if it snows, I will not go walking - I have no idea how to handle the snow/ice - we don't have clothes warm enough here to endure any length of time out in weather that is below freezing for any length of time. By the way, as a teacher, I won't go out if it is under 50F with the kids - most parents of very young children here would prefer us not to do that. Isn't it funny how temperatures are all relative depending on where we live?

Well, better go, got to get ready for some Brahms, Mozart and a little operatic medley!


Lorna said...

Glad you've liked the pics of the snow and ice :)

It is funny. finnish kids (esp kindergarten and first school) are out playing in weather that English people would stay inside in.

I think it helps that Finnish homes, schools, daycares and even churches are well heated - and as you said we have incliment weather clothing -and because it's so cold the snow isn't wet. I like that :)

But walking on ice is tricky and I do fall down ocassionally when the dog pulls me.

I'm going to the cinema tonight. I'll walk there, and either bus back, get a ride or walk home. More later.

Songbird said...

I think for kindergarten children here, the rule of thumb is 25 degrees Farenheit. 50 sounds like summer to me! We'll get up into the 50's today, but it will be raining, so I think I will wimp out and walk on our elliptical machine.