Friday, March 10, 2006

I sang a mile

Last night we rehearsed for 2 hours - and this piece spoke to me in terms of Lent in our walking journey. It's an interesting piece, written and composed in the 20th century. Poem is written by Janice Kimes - it's in 7/8 time so not a good "walking" piece, but the words fit this group to me.

this spring,
is time
for walking
on the soft earth
in sounds that sweeten the air
and reach beyond
the long dark sleep;
for sun to warm the cheek,
and quicken breath;
a time to shed the griefs
that brown the spirit
of beginning;
to trust the restless energy
demanding space
and speak of life,
my own,
which recreates itself
in you.
- Janice Kimes

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