Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Excuses, excuses and more thoughts

Yesterday when I got through walking in the 80 degree weather, I noticed some tenderness/chafing on my bra-line - oh my goodness - a red streak about 3 inches long and tender....

Today I got my hair done - it looks so good....... don't want to sweat......

My foot hurts at my instep....

My pedometer is not truthful or either the video isn't. The walking lady on the DVD says we walked a fast powerful mile. Pedometer says .56 miles. I believe that lady on the DVD.

I did the DVD thing so I could avoid chafing and be a free spirited woman.

I ordered this tonight. I think I need more support and less chafing.... kind of like binding the feet but about 4 feet up.

My hair won't look as good tomorrow, I think I will go and sweat.

By the way, I have never seen a frozen lake. I remember seeing a REAL icicle when I was a little girl.

Our digital camera's battery would never die because it was too cold... it would die of heat exhaustion.

Tomorrow night our Lenten study will begin - The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning - have any of you read it?


Lorna said...

laughing at the thought of a battery dying of heat exhaustion.

ever thought how in God's grand scheme of things He gave us lent in the Spring (doesn't apply if you live down under ofcourse) but I couldn't imagine how much more difficult lent would be if it were in July /August. I mean - if temp go over 100F how could you live without icecream, cold soda/beer, or even walk to the air conditioned car!!

I'd say God knew what he was doing. Funny that. He usually does. I just needed that quick swift kick up on the backside to remind me.

I knew this 40 miles for 40 days was more than just walking. And I'm so grateful.

God knows best. Remind me in a few days in case I've forgotten it again. Please.

Songbird said...

Cathy, what a great link for appropriate foundation garments. I think I need one; what a relief I did not eschew shopping for Lent!
Good for you for sticking with it.

Annie said...

Good for you.

I have had two different pedometers. What I have noticed is that it seems to be better to wear one on the top of my pocket than on my waist. Perhaps the swing is better there. Although it might seem strange, you could check by putting on the pedometer, walk quickly a hundred steps (you count) and compare your count with the pedometer. One of my pedometers actually exagerated the number of steps to a dangerous level (30+ for a hundred steps), the other one fell just slightly short. I opted to use the one that fell slightly short. While counting your steps they do need to be very similar to regular walking steps, not minced or anything.