Tuesday, March 07, 2006

walking on water

I had the most marvellous walk today.

I went to the frozen lake with a friend and the dog. We walked in the sun for about 45-50 mins. In some places it was hard going (snow on the ice) in others we could walk more briskly as there was a road on the ice.

When we turned around after 20 mins (1 mile) we noticed that the wind was now on our faces - It had been behind our back earlier. It was minus 12C today so a very cold wind!

I took my camera.

But it was too cold and the batteries died immediately. Sorry :(

I walked with a friend. We talked a lot. And then moved on into prayer. It was very much needed as I'm really struggling with something big right now.

PS forgot to say that Mindy (our dog the evangelist ) was off lead most of the time. She befriended a couple of ski-ers at one point and motivated them to ski harder by running alongside. I couldn't stop laughing If I walked 2 miles today, she walked 5 or 6 (at least!)

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