Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today I really did not want to walk - I was dog tired today - have ANOTHER new student - this one with Down Syndrome and just turned 3. So before I got home, I went to the park with a holding pond in the middle and 2.7 times around = 1 miles so I went around 3 times. My pedometer registered it as 1.21 miles. I started listening to Reading Lolita in Tehran today since I have been wanting to read it. I am trying to concentrate on it, but have a hard time with recorded books.

I did take time to notice the interesting bark on the River Bark Birch in the park and will try to get a photo of it as it caught my fancy - it's bare limbs have a nest exposed. The azaleas are blooming though several weeks early for this part of the world.

I also notice I was the only person walking clockwise around the path - everyone else was going counterclockwise. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I have driven another course which measures 1.3 miles and will take that tomorrow.
This group will keep me accountable and inspire me - thank you for being a part!

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Songbird said...

Good work, Cathy!
I'm home with a sick Princess, so I'm trying to figure out where a walk is going to fit today. But fit it will!