Friday, March 24, 2006


TGIF from the deep south - we are having a bit of a cold spell for these parts. The high will be in the 60s today which is cold for late March. Yesterday it rained in the afternoon and the carpet was being cleaned so options were walking were limited.

I am posting today to give myself a mid Lent evaluation of my progress.

  1. I have not walked every day - some because of the little toe mishap, some because of scheduling. However, I HAVE walked more intentionally this Lent, and mostly because of having this group. However, there are aspects of this that I am beginning to enjoy more and there is less sense of dread to go walking.
  2. Every year I have dreaded Lent, it seems so depressing to me - perhaps that is self imposed - however, this year, it seems like there is certain "lift" to Lent - could it be because of the walking?
  3. Has my Lenten discipline been successful so far? Yes, I think so - from the standpoint of being actively taking on a discipline that has many benefits to me so I can be a better steward and servant to God.

How do the rest of you feel as we are past the midway part of Lent (we are, aren't we? or is it about half way?)

I do have glorious Spring pictures to post. That will have to wait until after work.

Have a good Friday.


Songbird said...

Dear Cathy,
I'm so glad this is going well for you!
As for me, the doctor has prescribed rest and fluids, as it turns out I have the flu. I hope to be perky enough to walk again by Monday.
Blessings to you this weekend,

Joanne said...

To your question of evaluation. I know that my reason for joining this group in walking the 40days 40 miles is progressing well. Sharing my walk and thoughts during that walk - whether outside or on the treadmill - helps balance my day between numbers, people, and the rest of the world.

Have a wonder-filled weekend,

see-through faith said...

I loved this. Now I go and reflect too. Watch this space. I'll be back with my mid lent evaluation soon :)

be blessed