Thursday, March 09, 2006

Quick post

I did walk a little over a mile, according to my "trusty" pedometer, but I do know it was over a mile - according to the mileage on the car. My husband and I walked after he got home from work. So very different walking after dark as you can peer into the lives of people's homes as they have their lights on and curtains open. (not that I am a peeping tom - but I did notice one of my distant neighbors has 3 deer heads on their wall - INTERESTING!)

I find it so odd to see a frozen lake -- I don't know if I could trust walking on it, much less build a fire on it - such a foreign concept to me! Those of us would never take a young child in that kind of cold weather - we would be scolded for exposing to the cold air and surely the child would get sick.

IN terms of a freezing camera - I think I would put it inside my shirt close to my body to keep it from freezing and then take it out for a quick snapshot... would it still freeze? Of course if it froze it might stick to your skin or make you cold!
Gotta scoot - work calls.

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Lorna said...

Three deer heads on the wall. Lovely . Not. I don't think I'd be able to eat my supper with them watching with sad eyes.

Cathy in Finland the law says that at minus 15 (and below) kids don't have to go out for the breaks at school (the teachers who supervise are mighty glad too!) but seriously if we didn't go out on cold days we'd be holed in for weeks at a time.

We wrap up well so it's only your face that really gets cold. and there are some creams you can buy and slap on - we used them when the kids were small.

I have warm boots and wear extra socks. If you are cold you walk faster, but I've noticed I tense my back which isn't good.

I'd never seen anyone have a fire on the ice before. I couldn't believe it. But the ice right now is about 2' thick at least.

When skiing a couple of years ago the ski resort CAR PARK was on the ice. That was a bit unnerving for me. (That was about 400 miles north of here and more inland. )