Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday's "Walk"

Today I had to multitask when I did my walk. I wanted to watch a walk video to see if I liked it. It stated that after the walk, I would walk 1.5 miles - it's a 35 minute video, but really only lasts 30 minutes in terms of exercise/walking. It had some other exercising, but I did a straight walk. According to my pedometer, I had completed 1.14 miles - which I am not sure of its accuracy or not, but I know I can walk a mile in less than 30 minutes so I know I walked AT LEAST a mile which is all I have set for my goal.

I am doing this for several reasons:
  • +I just had an encounter with my blood pressure staying high and going even higher due to stress. Walking helps stress
  • +My cholesterol is higher than it was the last time I had blood work done.
  • +I wanted to do something for Lent that was productive for my health as well as give me time to reflect and pray. I have never been terribly intentional about a Lenten discipline because I really don't like Lent, and I always said I was going to give up Lent for Lent. This year I figured I might want to get serious about it.
  • +Oh yes... I will give up french fries for Lent. Probably should give up ice cream, but I don't want to be irrational.

Please join us even if you join us late - it's never too late.

(I don't know why the bulleting is not showing up on this blog - so I put "+" instead.)

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