Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wednesday and Thursday AM

Wednesday: Fast paced walk about 1 and 1/4 miles. Just as I was leaving out the front door saw four gold finches. They haven't changed color yet. When they do, they 'll look like the first dandelions of the season, bright lemon yellow. Down the road, the right of way between the road and the field has just started to turn from brown to green. I love the beginning of Spring. It is still chilly, but a warm up for the weekend is predicted. I let my brain take a rest this trip, just focused on a fast pace to see what a mile pace for me would be - 14 min mile.

Thursday: Using up some comp time for the next two days. Did a two miler today. Lots of birds around this AM. Cloudy and rain for this afternoon and tomorrow. Walking through the little town to the bike path, I'm seeing more signs of spring - ladders up for cleaning out the eaves troughs, rakes by porches for clearing away last year's grass, broken branches. And I remind myself to set aside a day for outside Spring cleaning. On my second mile, watched the cattle and calves as I walked. The calves are really growing and race about alot. I'm planning my day - cleaning and getting ready for Spring. I used to do more after work but am finding that little kit cat (Blue) needs more attention than the other two kit cats did at his age, so at night, spend more time with the kit cats and enjoying every bit of it.

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