Friday, March 03, 2006

it's not very complex

A while after we moved here to OKC, I plotted out a path around our neighborhood. I'm pretty sure it's at least a mile, since it takes me over 15 minutes, even at a good clip. To get the most distance, I walk through all the alleys as well as the streets. Tuesday is the worst, because that's garbage day. It's not very scenic, but it gets the job done. Once I get up the little rise and start heading back down, I start to pick up steam, but that first bit is always daunting.

The first two days were easy, today just felt like walking in sludge.


Cathy said...

I found the third day very difficult also - like I was walking in wet concrete and wondered what in the world I had decided to do. 4th day got better.
You walk a very interesting path - garbage day could definitely be very interesting.

Annie said...

Good job--even through sludge. Perhaps it was the fourth day blahs!

Songbird said...

The important thing is, you did it!