Monday, March 13, 2006

walking under the moon

I'd planned to go down to the river again today. A phone call put paid to that idea. "Are you ever going to collect these books you've put on hold?" (theology faculty. I'd forgotten all about them)

I put my coat on right away, grabbed the dog and off we set. The theology department of Åbo Akademi is at the back of the university, so a 20-25 min brisk walk. Usually. Only the dog procrastinated. You see, today the sky was blue again and the sun was shining but the temperature has risen - it was only -5 - spring was in the air, and that meant every snow pile had to be rolled in, every tree sniffed, every exposed bush investigated. I'm laughing now but it was a bit frustrating at first, until I gave in and let go and allowed God to use the time in me too. Spring is inthe air and that means change. What do I hold onto? What do I let go of? Just where is my identity anyway. etc etc.

At 8pm DD asked *Mummy will you come with me to walk the dog?* Sigh. I so didn't want to go, but she rarely asks so I joined her. It was a beautiful starry, moonlit night. She wanted to talk about her options at school. I listened but I didn't agree :( Why is peer pressure so hard? DD is great at handicrafts (knitting and sewing) but wants to drop it because it's the granny club! She's struggling with school academically (slight dyslexia) but wants to take Spanish. I'm not sure if it's her best friend or a boy she likes that's the impetus, but this is NOT her thing and it will be a mistake.

The good news is that she will take cookery, and continue English (that wasn't in doubt) and will take 1 h of Art each week rather than music. So now my prayer is: Lord show her and me Your will and help her be herself instead of bowing down to the demands of her friends. Help me be a good mum in this one who listens but also gives sound advice. Amen

But the walking was good. And cos we were talking went fast.


Songbird said...

It always goes by quickly with a companion, doesn't it? My best stretch of faithful exercising began in 1998, when a friend and I joined a gym together. We both had time to go during the day, and we would walk for about 40 minutes on the treadmill, three times a week. We kept that up for two years or so, until she went to work and I went back to school and our schedules were no longer so compatible. Recently we took a walk together, and I really enjoyed it!

Lorna said...

I hate treadmills. Nasty things!!! I always fall off, or get afraid I will fall off. Hubby just laughed. Lovely man (grin)

then we bought the dog. Much better for all of us. Today I walk with her locally I think