Tuesday, March 21, 2006

didn't think I'd get to walk today

unless running around counts?

... it's been crazy here, and I'm stressed out.

TS is sick. 9th day of fever. Unexpected trip to the doctor who is as puzzled as we are.

I found out one assignment due - is only half done. I think I quit when the going got hard.

My preliminary course paper won't format right. (sigh) I've given up. Preliminary means they expect us still to work on it. I hope. Hoping too that the content is better than the lay out.

But I did walk anyway :)

I had to deliver the books for school to my substitute. (I'll be away the next three Fridays). I looked out -saw the sun was shining and the dog looked expectant. And 'what the heck?' - grabbed the books and her lead and set off. And I'm so glad I did.

20 mins there. 30 mins lesson planning. 20 mins back (dog laughingly taken from my by loving husband half way home - he was on his bike coming from the office) and so I had time to commit the next few days to God.

Tomorrow I walk in and around Helsinki. Hope to take some pics.
Then I'll be in Tallinn for the next couple of weeks.

I'll have my lap top - so I'll try to log in as often as I can- depending on internet access. But I will be walking. Most days at least.

Be blessed

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