Monday, April 24, 2006

Walking the old neighborhood

Last evening I got to Gethsemane Lutheran about 30 minutes before the benefit concert, so I walked around the area for about 10 minutes, but I was wearing sandals and a skirt so I couldn't set much of a pace (so I added it to today's mileage). The trio was lovely, and as far as I can recall it's the only time I've ever heard Gypsy Rondo (Haydn) and Golliwog's Cake Walk (Debussy) on the same program, and I had played both when I took piano lessons as a child.

Today I picked up my Mozart CDs at the library and then set off with my disc player through the neighborhoods where I walked for 34 years before we sold our house and moved in 2002. On those streets I had pushed a baby stroller for two, for many miles, rode my no-gear bike without a helmet, and walked many a mile, sometimes at dawn, when I walked much faster.

Update:16 miles since Easter.

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