Friday, April 28, 2006

A Long Work Day

Early to work - no time for a walk and late at work so I'm again on the treadmill. It should be called the dreadmill.

I miss the outside walks, when my mind can wander with me as I walk. Inside it is quite a pitiful sight - I really can not make it for more than 15 minutes. Tomorrow AM - up and at "em" early, so to see the morning sun come up over the hill.


Norma said...

I agree. I don't have a treadmill in the home, but I do have an exercycle, which is just about as much fun. Like a stuffed animal instead of a cute kitten.

Songbird said...

We have a TV in the room with the elliptical, and that's what keeps me using it. But at this time of year, outside is so much better when it's possible.