Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Walk

This morning my husband and I took the dogs out to the Nature Preserve again and did a combination of the Red and White Trails. Someday I will find the charger for my digital camera batteries and take a picture of the place. That route is 1.5 miles, including some hills.
Yesterday I didn't get to walk at all, but Wednesday afternoon I did another half mile with the dogs, so that brings me to 7.7. I'm sorry to be counting up, but I know I'll be away for most of a week in May and probably won't be walking then, so I'm trying to keep track now!

It feels good to be outside, especially on this beautiful day--sun shining, temperatures in the low 50's. Aerobically I feel in better shape; orthopedically, I'm still sore from Monday's hike.

How are you feeling?


Norma said...

What a great idea. I'm walking.

Songbird said...

Good for you, Norma!