Monday, April 24, 2006


I was bemoaning to eija yesterday that there were no signs of spring here yet.

I was wrong!

Today I heard the birds singing, one tree (a willow I think) showed definite tinges of green, some lawns (raked over the weekend) looked less grey than a day or two ago, and a few bushes had the very first whisper of budding.

There are no shoots for spring flowers here yet - I did look closely - but spring is here! I even walked without a coat (but with a warm fleece on)

oh and I walked - with the dog - about half a mile, after cycling for about 3 on my own, down to the old town square and back. No camera I'm afraid but take my word for it, the dark winter is over here in southern Finland.

Praise God!


Joanne said...

And soon your daylight hours will be longer than evening. Keep looking for those peeking blossoms. My wild tulip still has one blossom not out yet.

Norma said...

How much daylight in July? We are coming to Helsinki to visit friends.

see-through faith said...

Norma, don't expect to sleep much in Hki in July. There is only real darkness (in early July) from midnight to 3am (those birds wake up early ...but luckily in Hki there aren't too many I guess)

by late July the days will be considerably shorter - maybe dark at 11pm until 4 (or maybe even more) I don't wnat to think about it.

Hki is on a peninsular and can be windy (and rainy) so have a warmish jumper and light raincoat /jacket too. Don't think it will be cold though - but if you are from warmer climes it will feel refreshingly cool.

You'll love the ferry trip to Tallinn. Hope the sun shines for you then. It takes about 3.5 on the normal boats but in the summer there's a faster one. The trouble with that one is that you are inside which is a waste if the weather is good.