Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Journey

As I stepped outside this morning, I heard the birdsong that truly tells me Spring is here. The brown thrasher has arrived, singing from the higest tree limb in the yard. For numerous springs - my Mom, Dad, and I would hold nightly vigils over his nest in the forsythia bush, keeping the cats at bay. I know with the 5 outside cats, this year should prove to be very exciting at 2AM.

The viburnum smells luscious - sweet clover scent. I will be trimming all the old dead wood out this year.

Down the road for a Friday walk. No hurry today - because of the three 12 hour days spend Mon - Wed , I have the day off. The cattle are in the West pasture, so I will not see them very often. I'm hearing loads of cardinals and robins, and twitterings of finches and sparrows. The green grass, yellow dandelions, and purple violets along the road brighten my trip. In town, I stop to look at the coral ruffled tulips which are now fully out to a glowing orange and yellow combination.

Along the canal, the water is quiet. Too late in the morning to see the pair of ducks and the pair of geese that must both be building nests near the canal bank.

Walking back up my road, I keep my eyes peeled for a wild blanketflower that pops up every year.

Back up my walk , I thank the Lord for all. The poem by Elisabeth Barrett Browning comes to mind - "Out in the Fields with God". Now for a day of yardwork.

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