Monday, April 24, 2006

Walking the Dogs

Busy day here, so I had to make do with the 1 mile neighborhood route with the dogs. As is always the case when we walk with my husband, the pace is brisk! Molly Dog dawdles for the first part of the walk, then speeds up ahead of me. Sam strains to keep up with her and keeps me going at speed. By .4 miles, my shins burn, but the last half-mile feels good.
The weather is dull here today, and I'm afraid so is this report. But I walked!!
How goes it with you?
(Today, 1 mile; Total Miles--11.1)

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see-through faith said...

I love your dog descriptions they aren't boring. Our Mindy is quite the opposite, she gallops all the way we're heading away from home- and then drags her heels all the way home.

think she likes being out ?