Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stormy Sunday

The rain is off and on - just when you think it will stay away for at least a mile walk, more clouds roll in. This morning, I did the treadmill. I watched the Sunday Morning Farm Broadcast. Usually watch it when doing exercises, but thought it would keep me interested enough to stay on the treadmill for twenty minutes. It did. I have to say, I'm ready to try the step climber instead. If I don't like it - I'll probably trade both off for a an elliptical. A week from now I start again with weight training, not free weights - just Nautilus. I have been such a slacker - I decided that my 60th year is the year I really do this life balance thing. And back to the weight machines is part of that plan.

Now the rain is on, but "April showers bring May flowers". We have a 30% chance of rain each day this week. I am hoping then that the farmers will have a chance to get the crops in.

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