Saturday, April 22, 2006

A busy park walk

I'm so thrilled to be walking with all of you. Cathy just invited me so I'll tag along. Since I don't have a pedometer, I'm just figuring 1 mile for 30 minutes, which means since Easter, 10 miles.

The park was gorgeous this morning with so many flowering crabapple trees in bloom. I think there were more cars than blooms, but I found a place. Both the children's community soccer teams and baseball teams were practicing, and one group had about equal numbers of parents and children. Don't you love to see that? I took a photo of what I think were great-grandparents sitting in chairs under a large beach umbrella. I also saw an unusual dog and asked his owner if I could get a picture, but he said no. Actually, I'd taken one before he saw me.

11 miles.

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Lorna said...

welcome Norma - you've been busy walking! I don't have a pedometer either - if I did I think I'd walk a mile (or at least half!) indoors running up and down the stairs for all the things I forget. I thnk the neat thing about walking 50k (or miles) together is that we share the walks. It's like having many companions on the journey and we all see such different things. it's nice when we get to see photos. But the dog-owner said no. How strange.