Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Busy Day

This was one of those day when work spanned many, many hours, but I made a date with the elliptical machine and hopped on after tonight's Church Council meeting. I knew ahead of time that I wouldn't be able to push myself to 45 minutes. My heel pad is still bothering me, so I planned to do 30 minutes instead. Since it takes me 20 minutes to walk a mile, and this was 30 vigorous minutes, I'm going to call it 1.5. (Mileage is the one thing the darned machine doesn't give me!)

So, there was no outdoor walk today, but there was a beautiful sunset to admire on my way home from church and a good, sweaty workout.

Today, 1.5 miles; Total, 12.6 miles.


Lorna said...

good for you

hope your heel pad gets better SOON
and lots more GREAT sunsets :)

Songbird said...

Thanks, Lorna!