Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm going! I'm going!

All right, y'all! I'm four miles behind already. Sheesh! But now that the weather is so nice and not a cloud in sight, I have no excuse.

Already today, I've managed to get outside and enjoy the world a little. I am hanging all of my laundry on the line these days--even the towels. So it is an excuse to get out, hear the birds sing, note the flowers that are still blooming and thrill at the scent of wisteria winging past me. The cats come along and greet me (I have five now, you know). Hanging laundry on the line is almost as good as taking a shower to generate ideas and jumpstart the creative flow. Ideas have been far and few between in my life of late.

At any rate, I'm really happy to see the renewed committment to walking, right along with the opportunity for a new beginning. I ended our 40 Days a little short.


Joanne said...


Would you like a couple more cats - I have some volunteer outside ones besides my three inside. I think they have marked the house as an easy touch. Glad to see you are here.

Annie said...

Ah! You managed to keep the volunteer outside ones OUTSIDE. The kittens came late last fall. I guessed that somebody had dumped them and they were starving. Right away, I declared they would NOT be allowed in the house. *sigh*

I'm glad a sneaked a peek to see what y'all were up to! Thanks!